Author: Mikko Rimminen
Mikko Rimminen (1975), one of the most acknowledged young voices in the Finnish literature, started his writing career with two volumes of poetry. He made his breakthrough with the novel Park Life that was nominated for the prestigious Finlandia Prize and was awarded the Kalevi Jäntti literary prize – a prize for young authors.

The book tells about the adventures of three young men in Kallio, Helsinki's old working-class neighbourhood, during one summer day. The special narrative style of Rimminen – that the author himself calls for “blattering” – based on a technique of a stream of consciousness, is a very important part of the successful Park Life. With his second novel The Block Rimminen reinforces his status as one of the most original, interesting and significant writers of contemporary Finnish literature with breathtakingly funny language.


“Intelligent and warm laughter is such a rare phenomenon in Finnish prose, that one would like to name Rimminen’s Park Life as a protected piece of work which would be inaccessible to those serious people with no sense of humour fighting for art with a clenched jaw. ”
- Aamulehti